342 rue de L’Obier
Rosemère, Québec
J7A 4H6


Phone: 514.444.2882
 Licence: RBQ 5701-7279-01

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  1. Margaret and Bill Smith says:

    With any major renovation the secret to success is a good and reliable contractor! Alexei Matco from Renom Construction was referred to us by our kitchen cabinet supplier. He was described as the “best in the business”… and we can honestly say that they were right! Our project was far more than installing kitchen cabinets; it was renovating our entire first floor. From our first encounter we were impressed by his organization, critical thinking and planning; he evaluated the project carefully and with great thought. He provided explanations and suggestions to ensure quality and an efficient timeline. It became very clear from the demolition that their work ethic was methodical and careful. He installed our beautiful hard wood floors taking special care to protect them throughout the process only after ensuring an absolutely perfect sub-floor! He redid our fireplace using “Realstone” creating a magnificent focal point for our family room, all the while involving us in the design! Alexei is a master in carpentry taking standard cabinets and transforming them into a kitchen that looks fully custom built. Throughout the month long process he and his team mate Sergei worked very hard to ensure every detail was perfect. He always listened to our concerns and worked collaboratively to find solutions. He was able to modify the cabinets so that the wiring left highly visible by the electricians was completely hidden and repaired the extensive damage they made to the ceiling so as to ensure the timeline for my painter was respected. This meant he had to work long hours and gave up his weekends so that our project would not be delayed! Any changes we requested were always received with a true willingness to make us happy! They worked very well as a team and are organized, tidy and extremely hardworking. He did what he said he would do and when he said he would do it! We are extremely happy with the final project and could not imagine having done this with any other team! We fully trusted that they would give us their very best and never take shortcuts. They both share a true commitment to quality! Their professionalism and reliability, not withstanding their tremendous talent, was most appreciated. Alexei and Sergei thank you so very much!!!!
    Best regards,
    Margaret and Bill

  2. Roman Smith says:


    Are you constantly facing bid submission deadlines? Are you concerned about the high cost of getting accurate estimates? Do you often fail to bid because you lack the personnel to do the estimates or because you were hard-pressed for time? We can make your bidding process easier. We provide accurate material take-offs and cost estimates at low cost and with fast turnaround. Let us be your trusted partner.

    Our team of professionals has been providing these services to General Contractors, Subs (Framing, Painting, Flooring, Drywall, Carpentry, MEP etc.), Developers, Home Builders and Individual Home-Owners…and we are proud to say that our clients have been very satisfied with our service. We offer Residential and Commercial Estimates and we cover every trade that you wish to bid, whether you work with CSI Divisions or your unique classification. We use the latest estimating software backed up with professionals with over a decade of experience. Our charges depend on the scope of work and working area, the exact cost percentage could be quoted from the plans/drawings.

    The following are the main working divisions:

    • Division 01 — General Requirement
    • Division 02 — Site Construction
    • Division 03 — Concrete
    • Division 04 — Masonry
    • Division 05 — Metals
    • Division 06 — Wood and Plastics
    • Division 07 — Thermal and Moisture Protection
    • Division 08 — Doors and Windows
    • Division 09 — Finishes
    • Division 10 — Specialties
    • Division 11 — Equipment
    • Division 12 — Furnishings
    • Division 13 — Special Construction
    • Division 14 — Conveying Systems
    • Division 15 — Mechanical/Plumbing
    • Division 16 — Electrical


    Kind Regards,
    Roman Smith
    Business Development Manager.
    315 636 4446
    Serving All States of Canada and America

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